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What are Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers?

Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers are flexible orthotics that you wear in your shoes. They encourage
optimal muscle and nerve function by guiding your feet through a more normal pattern of movement.
They are custom-made for each individual's unique postural and weight bearing patterns.
They provide the proper support for all three arches of your feet, restore your body's balance and improve
your posture, alignment & total body wellness. By providing the proper support for your feet,
Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers help create a balanced foundation for your body. Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers
can help increase your strength, enhance your athletic performance and keep you feeling energized.
They are available in many styles and features, depending on your needs
and the type of shoes you wear.

Orthotics may help the following conditions:

Whiplash, chronic neck pain, posture, low back pain, hip pain,
knee & ankle pain, short leg, shin splints, heel spurs, foot problems, etc.

How do Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers work?

Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers help you maintain your body's structural and functional balance.
Your feet are your body's foundation and serve you in three important ways:

  • They support your body when you walk, stand, or run
  • They help you move from one place to another
  • They help protect your spine, bones, joints, and soft tissues from excessive
    shock and stress as you move

Any imbalance, weakness or unstable positioning of your feet can create postural distortions
that can cause ankle, knee, hip, lower back pain, neck pain and even headaches.

How can Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers help my back,
hip, or neck pain? My feet don't even hurt.

Your feet may not hurt, but they may be hurting your back! The joints and muscles of
your body function most efficiently when they are in balance. The body is a
bio-mechanical chain, so abnormal movement of one joint can interfere with the movement
of other joints. If your feet are not properly supported, postural distortions could develop,
placing excessive stress on your spine and joints (as shown below). These abnormal
forces must be reduced and stabilized before long-term, improved spinal function can
be achieved. Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers help correct these distortions to keep
your body stable as you stand, walk or run.


How will I know if I need Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers?

We use Foot Levelers' Associate Platinum Scanner to assess each patient's weight bearing pattern.
The Associate Platinum Scanner is state-of-the-art technology that takes a digital scan of your feet
and uses a pressure reading to evaluate how your feet are balancing your body's weight.
If your scan shows any imbalances, we can help you decide which type of stabilizers are best for you.
Your scan will then be sent electronically to Foot Levelers, where your pair of Stabilizers will be
custom-made to correct the imbalances found.


The Associate Platinum Scanner and a sample foot scan

What's wrong with those off-the-rack shoe
inserts that I've seen at the local drugstore?

No one else's feet are exactly like yours! Off-the-rack shoe inserts are mass produced,
made from a generic mold and cannot provide the specific support that your body needs.

  Don't wait for pain to tell you there is a problem.

Please call 410-674-8605 to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY foot scan.


For more information on Orthotics, Sandalthotics,
or Shoethotics, please visit Foot Levelers.

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